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Wrestle Your Electric/Electronic Power Steering into Submission!...

07-15-2016, 03:56 PM
Wrestle Your Electric/Electronic Power Steering into Submission!...

CUSTOMERS have been able to return at least some
semblance of normal feel to the electric steering in their
Hyundai and Kia product. Turns out electric power
steering is simply too powerful, even in my 2013 Hyundai
Sonata. So over-boosted, that I nearly returned this well
equipped Ltd. to Enterprise Car Sales because of that one
issue! The following is a victory for driving enthusiasts
who have found the now common-place electric power
steering to be mushy, vague, and in some cases something
that has kept them from staying in their own lane.

Read how:


Tech. Svc. Bulletin: 14-ST-001 Can be found in PDF
form online, but you either have to pay for it or register
to gain access.

I had my Hyundai service dept set mine right to Sport,
and no longer am I afraid to drive at highway speeds in

It wasn't easy convincing them. First off, their senior
tech initially insisted my 2013 Sonata possessed
conventional hydraulic pump steering, and that
I just wasn't looking in the right place for it. I already
knew the last time hydraulic was used in a Sonata
was 2010.

So I went to the Kia across town, explained my issue,
and the service mgr and a tech sat down in my front
seats - and plugged in. Their optima coded tablet
enabled them to set it to 'Hard' - GLS on the Hyundai

The next day I went to the Hyundai, and showed them
the TSB. They hooked up to my car, and presented
GLS(soft steering), SE, and Sport. I selected sport, and
it was done. They charged me a pithy $60 for it,
waiving the over $100 fee just to drive my car into their
garage, so I am both grateful and relieved.

I would hate to have turned back in the 2013 Sonata
that Enterprise Car sales helped me get into. Previously,
I was scared of going over 40-50mph in this car. I was
sawing the wheel to stay in my lane even on a straight
and flat mile or two of interstate. Now I feel confident up
to 80 - although common sense checks in before then(!)
and the car swallows turns like they aren't even there.
Sheesh, factory caster angle for this Sonata is +4.4
degrees. If that won't keep er straight, nothing will.

I'm sure similar options & bulletins exist for other
Hyundais, Kias, and Japanese and American cars, where
vague or numb steering may be an issue.

07-16-2016, 10:05 PM
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