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torque app or ecu please help

07-01-2016, 01:04 PM
Hi There

Im Just wondering if anyone could help, i just purchased a zifira b (on a 57 plate) over a week ago off a private seller, which seemed in good nick,
anyway after a couple of days driving the car i noticed the dreaded engine light appear on the dashboard of the car, and i noticed that the ashtray was missing from under the handbrake which sent red flags flying,
so instead getting someone to check in the garage i decided to give it a go at getting a bluetooth obdll connector and plugged it into the connector in the car and i downloaded the torque app from google playstore but i kept on having problems establishing a connection wirelessly or by blue tooth so i went onto amazon and got a op-com usb diagnostics scanner and i made sure i had the micro adapter so i could plug it into my galaxy s5 neo smartphone, it automatically started torque as soon as i connected it but i keep getting the same error message all the time, which is really frustrating because i have triad messing with the settings etc, i am a pretty tech person most of the time,
((No Response From The OBD Adapter,Did You Select The Right Baud Rate))
Could anyone please tell me where i am going wrong or if theres another problem somewhere,??
i would be very grateful for any answers : )

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