Obd2 monitoring data thru tuner? ?

06-25-2016, 02:15 PM
I've had a tuner for a year or so. Been learning more and slowly, trying to get more torque power speed , lately just running canned tunes on my Diablo predator for f150. Originally got at recommend from friend to program larger tire revs and get 15-20 horse he said. So, my truck is an 04. I drove a ton. Epic long distance routinely gnar 20 more mile daily dirt roads to work and I'd really love to know more about how my truck is feeling. Mainly engine trans drivetrain wise. I've managed to learn what a few of acronyms are and things to watch. Which I've got tons of Learning to do. Lately been searching for glossary of acronyms for days codes meaning. Thats been fairly easy. But the big question after all this ramble.... is see all these letters and numbers some understood a few. Is there any type of table that can tell you what the ideal readings for all these parameters acronyms. Maybe I should get a better programmer or reader. Any sites info advice on finding the ideal data codes , or a app/ device, program can hook up and get some helpful user friendly info?? I looked into edge and act etc, but. Id love a better than the piece I've got. Planning to set up a tablet in dash that In part displays gauges and performance data . With out a dramatic cost; any info advice greatly appreciate

--punk rock horseman -- brorunnin the coast dez mtns.

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