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2009 Sonata transaxle valve body cover leak

06-12-2016, 01:45 PM
110k miles, no rust. EXCEPT the bottom left corner of the trans valve body cover. Started as one small spot on the garage floor. Quickly became a small pool within a coupe weeks of finding it and figuring out what part number to order (dealer only item).

The factory uses goop instead of a gasket and there was just enough rust to compromise the seal. This also makes the replacement a bit of a pain.

There looks to be loads of room to work and that it shouldn't take more than a half hour start to end. However, the top coolant hose and part of the wiring harness off the battery negative get in the way.

So, unless you have extra arms and remote eyes, save yourself some time and start off draining the coolant and removing the thermostat end of the hose and tying the harness out of the way.

Otherwise, you WILL end up wiping some of the goop you just put on the cover on the valve body itself and have to do it over again. Or, you can try putting it on the trans case but, since the battery and tray shield your view from the top and the view from the bottom isn't great, that will also be difficult.

In the end, I was successful with my son's extra hands. Several hundred miles since and everything is completely dry. Valve body cover part number is (now; it's been superseded at least once) 45283-3A200. $60 shipped. Valvoline Max Life fluid was used (just under five qts) and it shifts/performs very well.

12-13-2020, 08:30 PM
How did you get the Valve Body Cover passed the sub frame assembly? I removed the fan assembly, battery tray, and upper radiator hose to gain access to the valve body cover bolts. But I still cannot get the cover passed the sub frame. Do I have to remove the transmission mount so I can raise it up with a floor jack to get clearance?

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