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installation nissan FS5W71C transmission

06-01-2016, 12:32 AM
my manual transmission in my 01 frontier (4 CYL, 5 speed) need to be replaced. it has the FS5W71C transmission in it. my question is, can I use any FS5W71C transmission out of any nissan vehicle or does it need to be a frontier? I am having difficulty locating a used transmission from a frontier but I think I could find this transmissions used in other nissan vehicles that use it. I believe either the 280zx or 300 zx used this transmssion and I think either the 200sx or 240sx also use this transmission. I want to do a "clean swap" if at all possible. or in other words, rip out the entire transmission (and the case it came in) from my frontier and install the replacement transmission. all comments are much appreciated.

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