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1999 ford explorer window lock inop my solution

05-20-2016, 10:29 AM
Had an issue with my window lock switch. The passenger windows would not operate in any position of that switch but all worked (up/down)when I used my main drivers side switches. a few posts suggested a possible broken (red/blue) wire in the drivers side door jam harness. I am very familiar with that harness. I've had broken wires to the door unlock/lock; drivers window motor and other components. They break, a lot. Pulled the harness and followed the red/blue wire, no breaks. Tested for continuity on all window switches, nothing. Finally I pulled the drivers door controller and opened it up. Found my problem. It was caked with dirt and grime. Cleaned it up and all windows are now working by they're own switches. This is just another area to look at when your switch goes bad. I DO recommend checking that harness for most of your electrical door issues. Most of my electrical issues were solved by finding broken wires in that harness. Thanks for the previous posts and solutions.

11-05-2018, 08:45 PM
This worked for me! I have a 99 Explorer. Take the main switch assembley out of the door & take it apart, be careful not to lose the 2 small springs. Mine had a shot glass full of cigarette ashes in it! Blow it out with air, I used computer duster. Now all door switches work.

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