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Shop botched oil change here is where I am with it.

04-22-2016, 02:40 AM
Recently my girl friend showed up at my job complaining that her car was making a noise, I figured it was nothing and walked out to have a listen, I knew this sound was death but had no money for a tow truck and figured it was already toast so I instructed her to take it straight home, and if it shut down to call me. I had to work a double the next day so I got up early, took her to work and then went to work myself. The first part of my day was consumed with thoughts of how in convenient this was and how we where gonna get her back on the road. sometime around lunch I remembered that she had her oil changed a few days before, when I got home that night I checked the oil and the dipstick was dry. The next morning I put 5 quarts of oil in it and checked it again to find just the very end of the stick wet. I then cranked the car and although the knocking subsided some, it was still apparent and oil was streaming from the oil filter... Next I went to the shop that preformed the oil change and talked to a manager, he was very rude, even referred to the oil light as "the idiot light" when asking why she didn't call them when it came on. Soon I realized I was talking to the person responsible for not letting this kinda thing happen and decided to go over his head...
I got his bosses number and was treated with much more respect imidiatly, he offered to get my girl a rental to drive and sent a tow truck to bring it to his shop, assuring me that if the engine needed to be replaced he would be happy to rectify the situation.... A day later a tow truck came and a few days after that I was contacted by the gm and asked to come in for a meeting... He had his top mechanic there who had spent a few days doing basic, non invasive tests to get an idea of what was causing the knock... " it was explained to me by the mechanic that he felt fairly certain that the problem was not related to low oil, suggested that it must have been a coincidence. Knowing he was wrong I politely thanked them and informed them that I did not agree and would have to get a second opinion, I mean this guy had not even pulled the heads. Everything changed when I threatened to take it to another shop and now the gm was offering to cover all the laybor, aslong as I agreed to pay for the parts when they figured out what was causing it. I told them not to fix anything without consent and asked them to document the whole thing with photos. Aproximatly 6 days later I texted them asking for an update and wondering where the pics I asked for where. I was told that they had found a problem with a "rocker valve" which I'm assuming the gm just misunderstood a rocker and valve, or one or the other, either way both can fail due to low oil, still they haven't pulled the oil pan or checked out the bottom end at all. I have a meeting tomorrow with them again, I'm asking for advice on how to handle this. I'm thinking that even if they find no problems on the bottom end, they should replace all lifters rockers, valves, and cams, also check timing belt. Even if there's no apparent damage to more then the one it's likely they are damaged just not enough to know about it yet.

04-22-2016, 08:44 AM
Document, date everything, receipts, peoples names and so on. Get ready for small claims court.

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