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Cooling system failure HELP!

03-11-2016, 09:06 PM
Hi everybody, thanks for reading so i have this Daihatsu Sirion 99 model, few days ago i was driving when the car suddenly turned off, I switch it back on again and keep running until It turned off again and I realize that the temperature of the engine was extremely high, after doing some diagnose I notice that the water was leaking from a hose joint on the water returning from the dash board, I will attach a diagram to give a better idea.

So basically what happened is that the joint which connect the hose coming from the radiator with other two hoses, these two other hoses one of the goes to the superior part of the engine and the other one seems to be going to the block of the engine, that little plastic parts which is like a "T" made in plastic cracked and broke apart from the hose.
After trying to find out what is the name of that I think is probably called a water Jacket or water cooling jacket, I tried to find the part to replace but is virtually impossible almost nobody even know the name. Is anybody familiar with this damage? or with cooling systems?

Please any idea of which part would be suitable, or how can I change that? Thank you very much and I will post the diagram.


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