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Introduction Nissan micra 2004

02-28-2016, 05:59 AM
Hi everyone,
I am newbie here and would like to introduce myself please forgive and guide me if I am posting in wrong section.

Any way I have my daughter who bought Nissan micra 2004 K12 1.4ltr manual gear.
She bought as non start and it's past 4 months am not able to find someone who can start I had taker the car to Nissan dealers here in UK and was told needs new key and Immobilizer, which was put in and then they told needs new ECU which costs more than car costs, brought home and sent ECU for repairs, fitted in the car but still it's same. No luck, did check starter motor and every thing which I know little bit in cars,
All lights comes on and off the only light stays on which has car symbol and key and it does not go off also the engine does not turn at all, all other things they work fine and have two keys which opens door. Auto lock smith suggest needs reprogramming by dealers but the car had already been there ones and they need to put their own new Immobilizer which expensive
Help help please

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