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Fender Bender! ):

02-24-2016, 09:44 PM
What a day, guys. What. A. Day.

After work, I discovered my car had been in a fender bender while I was inside.

I filed a report and got a little help from my Uncle Rod to see if the hood would actually shut, as I'd somehow managed to press it down back into... place. He rigged it shut for me, it will still need attention in the future. I'm thankful that it has a temporary solution. I'm guessing I'll get a new latch... and maybe a new hood, of course I've asked for advice.

What distressed me most was the person who hit my car either noticed and drove off, or didn't notice and continued on their merry way. It hurt to know that my car was damaged, I love my sweet, red Cavalier. It's my life now - I cherish it always. I know there are people who don't care in the world, but.... Jeeze. What a downer. ):

Blue Bowtie
02-25-2016, 09:31 PM
So, repair it. It's possible that the latch does not require replacement, but just adjustment once the hood striker is engaging it squarely. A lot of things move in a collision, and sheet metal can move a lot. Fortunately, it can be moved back.

Assess the damage and formulate a plan. If the radiator support is not bent the rest should be fairly straightforward.

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