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07 aura xr high pitch beeeeeeep

02-07-2016, 08:27 PM
I have a 2007 Saturn aura xr 3.6L v6

It only has 102,202 miles has ran great sense I got it. A few days ago I was driving on the interstate constant speed between 70-80 about 15 in a 30 minute drive to meet a guy my car shuttered real fast and was gone in a heart beat the car never lost power and shuttered a few more times after real fast.... I drove back roads home stopped at my local Autozone because I trust them and talked to a friend... After talking I changed my trans fluid 4 spark plugs so far 1 coil put and heet in the gas tank thinking it was water in my fuel and the plug needed changed anyways.... Today I ran seafoam spray intake and top end cleaner thru my intake with the hose right behind the throttle body. After starting the car and the process my car threw a check engine light for traction control but my traction control is fine and now there is a weird noise from the throttle body and a loud constant real high pitch squeal when I turn the key on ( engine off ) I'm not sure what to do now

Any help would be awesome... ( car still runs good motor still sounds kinda weird thou) but it might just be me

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