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M30 performance Help!!!! Plzz

11-26-2015, 09:02 AM
Hey guys, just bought my first car cash upfront, when I saw this M30
I just had to get it , so rare.
Anyways I dont know a whole lot about cars but my recent purchase has left me incredibly curious. All of a sudden I'm extremely interested in cars and performance parts and how it all works. Seems like a great project. ANYWAYS

I WANT to add some performance parts to this car.
Let me add that I popped the hood and discovered the car has a perfectly clean
Nissan V6 3000 engine, and there's tons of space under the hood for additions or swaps.
SO How should I get started ??? Where is the best place to start?? What pieces should I buy first. I really hope to get an actual thread going. Cause it seems that these cars are kinda hard to talk about with others who don't recognize it. Thanks guys

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