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Dealership Leaves Radiator Cap Off

10-29-2015, 10:02 AM
I have a 2009 Hyundai Sonata with a 3.3L V6 engine. 2 days ago Hyundai changed the oil and inspected the car, leaving the radiator cap off. We drove 165 miles to Rochester, MN in 45 degree weather with light rain, returning later day in 39 degree weather with no rain. There was no engine overheat warnings. I opened the hood this morning and discovered the cap lying beside the radiator. I called the dealership and they are going to pressure check the engine and replace the coolant at their charge. The dealership is going to document their error.

The question is, is it possible to have driven the 330 miles in cool late fall weather without overheating the engine?

10-29-2015, 10:41 AM
Of course- you are fine- just be glad it wasn't hot weather....The oldest trick in the book is that when you have a leak in a system- and you have to "get" somewhere- is to loosen the cap, to take pressure off the system, to slow the leak...and make it home--- in the old, old days, there was no pressurized systems, so you just ran like that, probably lost a little coolant due to evaporization, but no big deal.

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