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Equus Insufficient A/C Problems

10-14-2015, 03:13 PM
Hi, I just wanted to share my experiences with my Hyundai Equus and hopefully prevent someone from making the same mistakes.

I have encountered several issues with my Equus, both with the 2011 and the 2014 models. With the 2011, it was serviced a multitude of times, concluding with the installment of a new compressor, however, the cooling (or lack thereof) issue still remained. When that lease ended, I was assured that the A/C issues with the Equus had been rectified. In good faith, I leased a new 2014 Equus, and much to my dismay, the A/C issues were NOT resolved! So, here I am, AGAIN, in the same exact predicament!

Hyundai insists on continuing to deny this problem exists and continues to market inferior products. Any consumer can read the blogs on the internet and clearly see that there is a definite A/C problem with the Hyundai models, including the Equus! Hyundai is lessening their credibility in continuing to deny this issue exists!

Hyundai needs to step up to the plate and stop denying that they do not have an A/C problem with this vehicle. They MUST do the right thing. Otherwise, their reputation will be at stake. Recurring customers like me will no longer return, and unfortunately for Hyundai, we will tell others about the poor service and callous treatment we received and of our negative experience.

Proof of my experiences

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