Disabled Woman Searching for Car with Appropriate Interior Trim

10-10-2015, 07:41 PM
Hello. I am looking to buy a car with the features I need to get in and out of the vehicle safely, given my disability. I've found that the support I get from holding onto the interior door handle is one of the most important features that make getting into a vehicle feel comfortable. I like the interior of the door (not on the roof, but the door itself) to have a handle that I can grasp so that my hand reaches all the way around. In other words, I can wrap my hand around the handle so that my thumb meets my fingers on the other side. Any idea how on earth to find such a car without canvasing all the options available? I want something that inexpensive, that has good safety and maintenance records, adequate room for my walker in back, and a seat height typical of most SUVs. Thanks Alison.

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