2010 Tranverse Service Stabilitrac Message

09-10-2015, 08:39 PM
Okay- so let me ask a question for once...I just saved my buddy $850 by replacing his leaky evaporator in his 2010 Traverse- But now that it is all back together- I get the "Traction Control Off" and "Service Stabilitrac" Message.

This cannot be something I did wrong- because 2 yrs ago I did an evaporator R&R on a GMC Acadia (same as Traverse) and got the same error messages then- I tore a bunch of stuff back apart, looking for unplugged connectors etc- ended up giving it back to owner who took it to dealer-- but he never told me what happened....

Now, I am 2 for 2, (I've only done two dash pulls on this body style) and both times get the same result- an unhappy traction control-- so what gives, just because I unplug the steering column and console and battery- it generates this message?

Does the scan tool need to reset the codes, or recalibrate somehow? WTF?

09-16-2015, 02:12 PM
Well let me answer my question myself--- seems the Tech II I borrowed shows a codes C0710 which is a steering wheel angle sensor code-- since no plugs are unplugged, I look at the "live" data- and steering wheel reads -526 deg when straight ahead-- whoops- I had removed the steering column to do the evaporator job and it must be vitally important to not turn the steering wheel out of synch with the column by 360 degrees. So I unbolt the steering shaft and center the steering wheel so it is straight ahead and near 0 degrees- with rotation now, left reads negative and right reads positive- and viola- the traction control and stabilitrac systems are happy again....I knew it had to be something easy- so always remember to not let the steering wheel rotate (relative to the column) when removing the steering column for any reason.

A Tech II is a marvelous resource- otherwise I'm flying blind in a case like this..

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