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1997 Buick Lesabre coolant leak mystery!

09-09-2015, 08:52 AM
Hi all, another head scratcher I need some help with. Lately I have been noticing a very small drip of coolant on the driveway under the water pump. Most would assume this to be coming from the water pump, right? Problem I have, is I can drive the car say 10-15 miles, return the car to it's parking area on the drive (previous spot cleaned and dried) and monitor thru out the day, some 10-12 hours, NO DRIP! I can forget about it, return the following morning only to see it has dripped overnight! I have visually inspected the coolant elbows at the tensioner and dry as a bone. I see no damp areas near the water pump pulley area. You might ask if the upper and LIM work has ever been done and the answer is yes, the local Buick dealership did that a few years back. The coolant levels rise and lower normally depending on engine temp and it's hard to see any loss of coolant when looking at the reservoir when cold. I have read there is a small weep hole near the output shaft of the water pump which allows a release of coolant to protect the bearings of the water pump. Could this be where the coolant is coming from? I wouldn't mind replacing the water pump and even the coolant elbows while I have every thing apart, but I would hate to do that only to find it was something else, maybe an easier fix! As usual, any suggestions or feedback you might be able to provide will be greatly appreciated! Thanks - Rick

09-09-2015, 01:24 PM
When water pumps started leaking at the weep hole, time to replace the pump. I would go to local auto parts store, "loan a tool". Pressure tester.

10-15-2015, 08:29 AM
Just an update. I did have a local automotive repair facility replace my water pump. I was considering doing it myself, but I received a jury duty summons and had to do something soon as I didn't want to get stuck if the pump did decide to fail. The shop did a great job at a reasonable cost and I am happy it is done.

When I dropped the car off for the work to be done, I questioned them as to whether or not they would be reinstalling Dexcool coolant. They said they would be flushing the cooling system and would be installing the green coolant which did not set well with me! A couple things I took into consideration was, 1) The Buick came with Dexcool from the factory and I wanted it to remain that way 2) Would the flush be adequate to where there would be no compatibility problems? 3) I have a second Buick which has Dexcool in it which means I would have to have two separate jugs of coolant in my garage for replenishing when needed and 4) Green coolant recommended service intervals are 30,000 miles vs 75,000 miles with the Dexcool. In considering all of the above, I requested that Dexcool be installed with the replacement of the water pump which I paid a little extra for. The shop was receptive to my request and I have the peace of mind the car is the way it should be! As always, thanks for your feedback. Help is always here when you need it! Thanks - Rick

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