Car Buying Opinions Wanted

05-19-2015, 07:59 PM
Hello everyone, I am a senior in high school and am looking at what car to get as a graduation present and am wanting some advice on what to do. I can either get a new 2015 honda accord EXL coupe with the V6 engine, or a used more luxury car, such as a mercedes C350 coupe, Audi a5, or a BMW 328i coupe, all with around 30,000 miles (probably 2011-2012). A few things to note are that I do want a car that is fast and fun to drive, but I also want something reliable since I'm going to college and will be driving home around once a month or so (its about a 5 hour drive). Any advice or opinions would be greatly appreciated!

Anthony Wessal
06-04-2015, 07:02 AM
As you are a school going student and you will be using your car while going to college. I will suggest you to buy band used luxurious cars like Mercedes, BMW etc. Though its costly but it will be your one time investment and your repair and maintenance cost will also be less as compared with others. You can find used luxurious cars like Mercedes, BMW at Eurobahn BMW, MINI, Mercedes-Benz, Audi.

08-18-2016, 01:46 PM
I have to disagree on the 'luxery' models. Of all the cars my family has owned, the BMW my sister in law drives, the Audi my Dad drove and the Jaguar his G/F drove are all headaches. In and out of the shop constantly.The mechanic explained to us that these cars are so cutting edge now, that they tend to have glitches still even when released. Like a badly optimized video game.:banghead:

I mean if you are trying to make a statement and have extra $$$ to throw away go for it. Doesn't sound like you are though...being you are considering Hondas, etc.

I say go tried and true and get a Honda, Acura, Nissan, Toyota....

Hell there are even some Hyundais (Genesis I think it is) that look downright sexy....not sure about quality on those and Kias etc though/

For the money you'll be happy you did. Some of them are even a little sexy looking if you get the bells and whistles.

Good luck! Just remember....stuck on the side of the road with a Beemer isn't nearly as cool as smooth sailing in a Honda.

Just sayin'.:smokin:

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