Buying cars from a dealership for a corporation?

04-09-2015, 01:34 PM
I need to know if this is a known scam or scheme. This offer seems a bit sketchy as does any offer that says your buying a car with my money and I'll pay you for it.

This is a registered corporation with IRS and the state of Texas. All transaction are through Bank of America and Merril Edge. They would be transferring money in to my account for me to buy a car at various dealerships around the state. I would then drive the car back to the corporation with out any damage and receive my compensation after the title is transferred to them. I do not spend any of my money and every thing is done within state lines.

The reason being they can't buy the cars under the business entity is because the dealership wont allow them to. They think they are going to export or that they are profiting in some other way like renting or re-sell. The dealership would like to keep the vehicles for the customers in the surrounding area that would bring them back for maintenance and other needs so they keep making money.

Do dealerships protect there cars from people out of area or entities trying to profit off of purchasing them. I was told that they will only allow you to buy a certain amount of cars for any said reason, and may not let you buy any depending on how they feel about the deal. So since there is demand the corporation contracts people to go and buy the cars for them to keep the dealerships in the dark about what there being purchased for making it harder to not sell to them.

**** I just found out that they would be doing fleet deals with these cars. Apparently Mercedes doesn't do fleet deals on the high end models???

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