HELP selecting an SUV mid-size

03-11-2015, 08:26 PM

looking for some advice and thoughts one some mid size SUV, anyone who tried them all and got good feeling about them in many aspects?
I do lots of research online and read reviews but sometimes there is lots of marketing and everyone tries to promote his product, which is normal. Iím looking for some objective honest advises from people who have driven many cars and can give me their thoughts.
I even thought to try to find some discussion forum for car rental professionals as they might drive few different cars on a regular basis J ..

Some of the ones I thought about are:
Nissan Murano,
Ford Edge,
Kia Sportage,
Toyota Venza,
Mazda CX5,
Honda CRV,
Nissan Rogue,
Jeep Grand Cherokee.

I came up with a list of criterias that I feel describe what I like:

- Comfort : smooth ride and road handling including suspension.
- Noise (wind ,road and engine), as quiet of a cabin as possible!
- Roomy interior (Leg room), Telescopic and tilting steering wheel (Iím 6í2Ē)
- Reliability
- Price (under $20K preferably)
- Fuel economy
- LOW mileage (Iím thinking something that still have good usage of suspension and consumption, maybe under 60,000 km? year 2011 or so ?)
- Good interior (looks that the Murano is quite nice inside specially with the white color)
- Roomy for tall people
- Resale value
- Navigation system (wide screen, GPS, DVD ..etc)
- Heated seat
- Remote start
- Sunroof
- Back up camera

I will compile all the replies and come up with ideas.

THANK you very much in advance!.

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