How long do I have to keep my new car before I trade it, so I don't lose to much.

12-20-2014, 06:39 AM
I bought a new 2014 Camry in spring of 2014. It's a nice car I like it but I wish I chose something else, I've been driving compact cars since I've been driving and find the Camry kinda big and it's not as good on gas at stated and the seat is not that comfortable. I'm pretty pick about cars and I really like the new 2015 Golf.

Anyway to the point I've had the the Camry for about 8-9 months and I put about 10,000 miles and it's still in new like condition I paid 20,000$ for it a five year with 0% interest loan. So I wanted to know if I traded it in now would I lose more or less then if I waited 2 or 3 years or longer ?

Second question: Or should I just put the car in paper and sell it to someone individually ?

02-20-2015, 11:41 PM
I think you answered your own question,

you will get a lot more money from individual buyer than any dealer ever give you on trade. The problem is not everyone will have that much cash available, so they will be financing it through whatever - credit union or a bank. They will have to give you a cashiers check and that opens up an opportunity for them to commit fraud by giving you a fake check.
My question is, can you get the same financing on the Golf? what will you payment be compare to the Camry? Is it worth the trouble?
If the difference is big enough try to "suffer through" with Camry and stick with it until it's paid off, then decide what you want to do with it.
The biggest percentage of depreciation occurs in the first year of the ownership. Just try and see how much your car is worth now. :uhoh:

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