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98 Chevy Cavalier no start

12-16-2014, 12:27 PM
I've had this car since August/September of 2011. The previous owner kept it in good-decent condition. Routine oil changes and basic maintenance. Ran fine until just a month or two ago. Was driving it and stopped to get gas. After filling it up the car didn't want to turn on. No lights or anything. Popped the hood and wiggled the battery cords a little bit and played with the shift knob for a little bit and it turned back on (think it was a loose positive terminal).

A few weeks after that I went to go start my car and it worked fine. Drove it for a few minutes no problem. A few days after it working fine and now the car has power but doesn't start. Makes a low clicking noise when turning the key. Dash lights all get power and headlights turn on. Checked fuses and they all looked good. Whacked the starter a few times and it still doesn't turn on. Thinking it's a bad starter? Tried jumping the battery and that didn't help. Not sure what else could be wrong with it. Going to try and get the starter and battery tested today or tomorrow at Autozone or Advanced Auto.

Blue Bowtie
12-18-2014, 08:48 AM
A few quick tests with a voltmeter and an assistant might help determine where the circuit(s) is/are failing.

Verify voltage while attempting to crank through the UEC to the ignition switch, through the neutral safety switch, through the start enable relay, etc.

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