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2006 Sonata intermittent starting problem

10-18-2014, 11:07 AM

Our 2006 Sonata has been having starting problems for the last 1.5 YEARS at least. We have researched the issue online for hours. Lots of reports of the same issue. Lots of reports of POSSIBLE causes and lots of parts being thrown at the problem but NO absolute RESOLUTION to this problem. The car will start without issue for weeks, then it will not start for weeks, sometimes it will start if you sit in the car and turn the key for 20 mins. Sometimes it will start if you hold the key to the start position for 10 seconds. All of the electrical works when you turn the key, the radio, the windows and lights work. We have checked the battery,cables, fuses and relays. We have changed the switch under the brake pedal. We do not have the keyless entry remote. The driver side door actuator -auto locks quit working sometime ago. This problem happens when it is hot, cold, dry, wet, light, dark, gas tank full and gas tank low. People have taken their car to the dealer and replaced batteries, alternators,starters and anything else they can think of only to continue to have this issue. The check engine light is not on. The security system light is flashing as it usually does when the car is starting. Anyone else have this issue?
Update, we disconnected the battery, replaced the ignition switch ($18 from the dealer) which did not help. We checked all fuses and relays. The car started once. I "reset' the alarm? (turned the key to on for 30+ seconds b4 starting). The car started right up for the next 4 hours, approx 8 times. Now it is back to not starting at all. WTH???

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