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Power steering line leak - rusted

10-07-2014, 10:48 PM
2000 Lesabre-132K, Developed a power steering fluid leak today. Found the leak at a metal line that goes from the right side of vehicle near the torsion bar. It goes to a port on the rack and pinion (when looking from rear of vehicle it was the upper left) very difficult to reach if trying to remove. The line that rusted is a 3/8 inch line. First had to remove a heat shield that is fastened with 2 screws (10mm socket), there is also a wire clamp that was removed from the bottom of the heat shield at the right of the vehicle.
I used a small tube cutter (do not use hack saw) and cut the tube. I used a 3/8 rubber fuel hose and routed this under and along the torsion bar, I was concerned that heat from the exhaust would melt or degrade the rubber hose, keep the hose as far as possible from heat source. I used 3 hose clamps on each end, better safe than sorry, besides it only cost another dollar.
I checked my service manual and it looks like this line is a low pressure line that routes along the frame towards the front of vehicle. The manual says that the pressure line may see 200 psi so in this case a fuel line would not handle the pressure.
Note use sand paper and clean the hydraulic line of rust before cutting, it is easier and then contaminent does not get into the line after cutting.

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