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lenient safety test oshawa

09-24-2014, 08:36 PM
I recently acquired a 1992 sierra for $900, and have been fixing it up. It runs, drives, brakes work, frame is sturdy, but being as old as it is it has a fair amount of underbody rust.

Also, I have weld patched 3 tennis-ball sized holes in the rocker panels, and filled the patch area with bondo. you can still see that there were once holes.

There is also a crack in the windshield, right at the top on the passenger side.

All in all, it does pass the "letter of the law" for all the safety test requirements, but it looks banged up enough that it might be tricky to certify.

Can anyone tell me of any lenient shops in the Oshawa area that are likely to pass it as long as it's usable and not falling apart?

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