Help Needed to buy a used car under 15k

09-20-2014, 11:34 AM

I am about to buy my very first car. I am looking for a quality used car, fairly recent (2011 and up), under 45kmiles and with a budget of 15k$.

I was really attracted by the kia optima and ford fusion (2013) designs but I feel that with tax sales and additional costs, I will be over budget.

I then turned to a volkswagen jetta but heard that the base model engine is not that great. So I am back to square one, lost ....

One of my main concern is to know if I should by used or Certified Pre-Owned ? I am looking for the following options in the car : Audio aux, Sat Radio and bluetooth is a plus. I would like something pretty fun to drive, enough room and decent mpg.

What model should I focus on ? should I go used or CPO ?

Thanks for your help.

01-09-2015, 11:06 PM
CPO is good - it gives you warranty protection on the used car and protects you from expensive unexpected repairs. One caveat - some dealers add an aftermarket warranty coverage to a used car and call it a CPO vehicle. The one you want is a used car that has undergone the required dealer inspection, correction of any deficiencies found, and is covered by a Manufacturer's backed extended warranty. I suggest you get on the Edmund's website and research your choices of vehicles. This site will give you information on what price you can expect to pay for a particular used vehicle. That'll give you an idea on what's going to fit in your pricing target, and, guide you on making a reasonable offer on a used vehicle.


01-23-2015, 02:23 PM
Hello Tristan, I'm in the San Francisco Bay Area and recently found the best way to buy a used car. Going through a company called Instamotor I was able to find decently priced options and eventually find the car for me. Instamotor is free to use and their process alleviates so much of the stress of buying a used car. I was able to connect with legit sellers (most whom are open to negotiation) avoiding the usual Craigslist scams and ridiculous dealership up charge. They put all their cars through a multi-point mechanical inspection, gave me a free carfax, and handled the DMV transfer paperwork. They even found me a cheaper insurance premium and a financing plan that worked with my budget. I had a great experience with them and was very impressed with the service I received. Check out their website here

02-20-2015, 09:17 PM
some cars I would recommend in that price range (if you want to have fun and go fast, probably not the best for gas and insurance) are Chevy Camaro from like 2009 to like 2011 or a nicer 76 firebird for 15k you could get a very nice firebird.

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