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Timing Chain noise replacement update

09-13-2014, 11:15 PM
I recently dug into my 4.0 SOHC for the main timing chain issue these things have. There is a kit offered through Ford for the main timing chain replacement. The instructions that come with this kit are kind of confusing, It tells you to break the bolts loose on both cam sprockets. I used the Ford tools that holds the cams. I used the one that locks the front of the cam on the left side (drivers side) and the one that locks the rear on the right side (passenger side). Locking these cams down will keep the cams from turning when you take the main chain loose. The timing sprockets on the crank and the jack shaft just slide on the shafts, they aren't pressed on. I did not notice any timing marks on either gear. I set my key way on the crank at 12 o'clock and took my chain tensioner off and removed both gears together. I aligned both new gears the way the old ones came off. Slid everything back together and I didn't have any engine performance issues. JUST AS A FYI TOO. Check everthing you can see when you remove the timing cover. My balance shaft tensioner was broke too, so I had to replace it too.

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