Buying a 1971 Nova (Need Help)

69 Camaro
08-17-2014, 12:46 AM
Hey guys heres the issue. I am going to be taking a 7 hour round trip to look at this 1971 Nova that I will be buying for about $5K. Here is what I know so far about the vehicle...

- 355 Engine
- 650 Double Pumped
- Edelbrock Intake
- 3500 Stall Converter
- 350 Turbo Trans + Shift Kit
- Automatic Car
- 4 Cor Radiator
- Enginer "Runs"
- Needs a new starter and battery (Out of car)
- Rebuilt Crank
- GT Steering
- Bucket Seats
- Some interior new
- 2 1/2 in. Cowl Hood
- Garage kept for 5 years
- Aftermarket Fan
- Aftermarket Valve Covers
- Brakes need bleeding
- Transmission Cooler
- New trunk pan
- Traction Bars

So guys I wanted to know one major thing and another pretty major thing. 1 is the price fair? It really is a gorgeous car and looks soooooo clean, but like I said going to see it in person in a few days.

Second is I did some reasearch. The new starter will be about $150 and battery is about $300. He says these are the only issues, I am more than happy to spend that to get the car up and running, but what should I do to check out the car, it was garage kept so I doubt the engine is seized up, but what should I check, and/or do to look over the car and check to see if the only issue really are those two parts. I hear people saying see if you can manually crank the engine? How is that done, and what other things should I check on the car. Thanks guys.

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