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2001 LeSabre: Air conditioner 20 deg warmer on driver's side

08-16-2014, 06:36 PM
My son's 01 LeSabre Custom 87k a/c wasn't working. Dual zone air conditioner. (Only had the car six months and we're still getting acquainted.) The pressures were ~145/20 psi and vent temperature was ~90 deg (driver) and ~75 deg (passenger) with 95 ambient. Compressor was engaged and not cycling. Surely a low refrigerant condition.

Added 12oz can of R134a. (I know this ain't doing it by the book, but come on, let's get the kid some cool air without breaking the bank.) Things are much better. Pressures are ~210/30 psi. Passenger vent temp is a chilly 43-50 deg (driving vs. garage) but driver side is 15-20 deg warmer still.

Took out glove box. I can see the floor/dash/windshield actuator moving and the air follows the control. I don't see the driver and passenger temperature blend door actuators. The vent temperature does change when the temperature control is changed. However, the passenger side control (on the door) doesn't appear to work; I'm treating that as unrelated to the driver side temperature problem (for now).

I don't have a manual for this car so don't know how the blend doors are arranged. I'm suspicious of a blend door, but can't think of a blood door failure scenario that explains the symptom.

Also considered that maybe the refrigerant is still low, but I'm doubting that because of the chilly passenger side air temperature.

Anyone know where I can find the driver/passenger blend doors and actuators?

Any other ideas?

08-16-2014, 10:56 PM
You are still low on refrigerant--passenger side is "using it all up" ans driver's side "has no more evaporation" add more--this is a typical low charge scenario.

How about fixing that leak you aobviously have-- big hint- look at compressor belly

08-17-2014, 12:40 PM
As I mentioned, haven't owned the car very long. I'll see how quickly the refrigerant leaks then decide if/when to repair the leak. Chances are the leak is big enough to warrant a fix. But it's gotta get in line...my 99 GTP (199k) is about to go into dry dock for extended maintenance.

Thanks for the feedback.

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