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please help!!!!!!!

08-09-2014, 01:13 AM
ok, i have a 2005 vw touareg, about a month ago i stopped at royal farm and put about $20 of gas in it. immediately after i pulled off, my car shut off, it started right up but was trembling (like i was running out of gas), then it would shut off again. it started right up but did the sputtering thing again. that went on about 45 minutes then it started running correctly like nothing never happened. it ran great about a month.

today i had the same problem again, but this time the check engine symbol came on, i went to a parts store and had them do a diagnosis and about 15 codes came up all naming different cylinder numbers and saying that there was a misfire and that's it. once again this problem arose immediately after putting gas in the truck. i didn't purchase the fuel at the same place, and i only put the highest octane, the only difference this time is the problem did not correct itself and i cant figure out what the problem is to save my life............someone please help me because i cant rest until i find out what the problem is.........
thanks in advance

oh, i had a diagnosis done and there were about 15 codes, all referencing cylinder misfires.

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