What car can I buy that I CAN work on?

07-28-2014, 10:06 AM
I really hope that someone can help me, because I am at my wits end with my old car. Either help, or maybe direct me to someone who can would be highly appreciated. I own/drive a 1994 Buick LeSabre and my wife drives a 1999 Chevy Blazer 2wd. My Buick has been costing me way too much money lately in repairs and I have been putting too much blood, sweat and cash into getting that thing to stay on the road. I do know that it is quite the old timer of a car, and I bought it when it was just over 50K and is now approaching 150K. I am strongly considering purchasing another used car that I would be able to work on myself. I am NOT a professional and cannot afford one for most repairs, so I make it work with what I have. Here is what I have been able to do the past few years on our vehicles: basics like brakes, fuel and air filters, Oil, Transmission fluid/filter/gasket, O2 sensors, exhaust flange gaskets, numerous electrical repairs like coil packs, ignition coil, starters, spark plugs/wires, some basic A/C work, and mechanical to include throttle body and all sensors, intake manifold, water pump, fan clutch, belt replacement, motor mount, replaced injector kits and radiator, and lastly shocks/struts. So, with all of my work and knowledge, is there a make, model and year that I will be able to work on myself as opposed to taking it to a shop that you can recommend? I have basic hand tools, a 60 gallon compressor with some air tools. Please, I would like to know where to start, at least and would not want to purchase another hi-tech car that every little thing I replace or attempt to do has to be taken to a shop and they charge the moon for it. I dread anything electrical, btw. When I have been at shops and mechanic's lately, all they do is recommend something that they have either worked with or done and I can understand that, but they are not only professionally trained, but may also hear/see/do alot that I don't. For example, my mechanic used to work for Toyota and now has his own shop. That is all he has done when he worked for them, and is professionally trained to do so. Even though he does work on all makes and models, that is ALL he recommends getting. I would like to stay away from foreign only because of the fact that they seem to pack so much in so tightly in the engine compartment, you have to remove half of the engine to get the part you need off. I don't know what parts are readily available and reasonably priced at my local parts shop, so would be awesome if it is something that I CAN run to the parts store to get, and not have to hunt down online for days and weeks as well. Late 80's, maybe early 90's? Before my car completely gives out, I may have some time to gather money and hunt around, so this is the first place for me to start since I have read and posted for years on my old car. Thank you for anything that you can recommend. :runaround:

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