Starting a family, need advice

07-22-2014, 12:04 PM
Hello! I have my first baby due in November and I would like all your opinions on a delima I am facing. My wife drives a GMC Terrain (Small SUV) and I have a 2009 Ford focus coupe that I am considering getting rid of to purchase a more family friendly car.

I bought this car new and has been an amazing daily driver and still has lower miles on it. (80k) The back seat is almost impossible to get a car seat into which means that we won't be able to use it for anything besides getting me to work. We also have a small sailboat that I tow using the GMC terrain. This means that if I want to go sailing my wife would be left with a manual transmission focus that she is going to have a hard time driving with a baby in the back seat. Help!

I have been considering selling the Focus and buying some sort of station wagon. Looks like I can get between 6500-7500 for my car if I sell private party. The only stations wagons I can find in that price are either newer with high miles (Over 150k, like a volvo v50) or over 10 years old.
Am I crazy for considering this? Should I just make due with my small focus? Thanks for any insight, no opinion will be overlooked.

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