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Gas smell inside the cabin of the car, need some help

07-18-2014, 03:54 PM
Hi everyone, my Jetta 04’ started to smell like gas inside the cabin about a week ago. The smell is starting to become unbearable so I started to investigate. I was able to find the culprit under the back passenger seat. I took a pick (please see attachment), as you can see a very small amount is sipping to the top of the fuel pump cover plate. I was going to start taking things apart this weekend, any advice would be appreciated, considering that I have never done any fuel fixing before.

Thank you in advance,



07-18-2014, 05:00 PM
Did you try tightening the screw? Might need a new gasket if it is tight already or if the screw has started stripping, a new screw too. I'd also try searching the vortex.

07-19-2014, 10:38 AM
So this morning i opened up the cover plate and discovered that the whole place was flooded with gas.


After cleaning the whole thing up i decided to open the brown cover to further investigate the cause of the problem and in the process snapped the incoming plastic line. Now I just have a hole and i have no idea what to do. Please someone help


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