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Ford Shelby Crown Victoria 525 (Shelby CV525) (unreleased)

06-11-2014, 02:56 PM
Dope mornin AutomotiveForums.com,

I be "Dabestof2014" on Yahoo Answers. I be goin ta reveal mah cousinz Crown Victoria (Panther)-based Shelby CV525 right now! My friggin cousin took picturez of his CV525 (see below) n' wants me ta publish dem here cuz there be a some muthafreaka -- his name is PuntyMario -- da ruffneck didn't confirm tha CV525z existence. Well, while it is legit dat Ford n' Shelby didn't release tha CV525 cuz they went bankrupt fo' not focusin a sh´znitload on tha ghettofab Mustang (S550)-based GT500, they made at least 10 prototypes like dis one.

His carz pushed 525 horsepower outta its 4,605 cubic centimeter Modular V8 engine wit a Eaton supercharger (100% OEM).

Dude went ta Germany n' did a 7:46.325 all up in tha NŘrburgrin Nordschleife up in his straight-up stock CV525 (includin its Goodyear Eagle RS-A tires and Eaton M112 supercharger). Da only modified sh´znit up in tha test was tha helmet.

Da license platez hidden up in order ta let no one trace his bootay n' all his thugged-out lil' underground stuff.

DISCLAIMER: Da Eaton M112 supercharger was broken, so mah cousin n' I decided ta take it out. Da CV525 (stock) came wit tha GT500z Eaton M112 supercharger n' air intake components.

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