Need advice on buying a Hatchback or similar

06-10-2014, 10:38 AM
I'm looking to purchase a pre-owned/used car, something 1-3 years old maybe. I think I want to spend around 15K.

I've always liked hatchbacks...their compact size, sportiness, extra room...they have it all. However I might be considering something slightly bigger and elevated...might be a comfortable ride and nice to have the extra room. One note is that I am in NYC, so parking is tough. Most of my use is getting A to B, short trips, groceries, occasionally I'll move something large, but only a couple times a year.

I'd also like something faster ( I currently drive a crappy Accent hatch). Another note, I would like to get something European for a change, not Japanese or similar. I know that increases the $$$$

Volvo C30
BMW Series 1 Hatch (I think?)

Mini (probably too small and cute for me)
Subaru Crosstrek (I know it's Japanese but looks nice)
VW Tiguan

I know some might be out of my price range, but I'm listing to give an idea of what I like, size, aesthetics, etc.

Based on what I've said, what would you recommend? Any others I've missed? Experience with these and the pros and cons?


08-08-2014, 07:27 PM
The 1 series hatch isn't sold in the US.

The X1 is sort of a cheap compromise. It is much more like the X3 than a BMW car.

If you want a real hatchback CAR then get the GTI or C30. The X1 and Tiguan are SUV's.

08-12-2014, 05:00 PM
hi RVC,

just a few thoughts here from a European bloke ;)

if you want a comfortable ride, don't know if cars like a Cooper and a GTI would be the best options, then again it kinda depends on what you're used to

the GTI is fast of course!

had a 2005 Cooper and loved that car to drive so much, though was stiff ride... i testdrove the 2nd model, but it didn't appeal to me for driving, though still efficient and more comfortable than the 2002-2007 model

would also look into bmw models, don't know much about X1, though here they're quite popular, but 3 series E90 for instance, except those with M-suspension they're not too stiff and even the base models are nice to drive, especially if you like the rear wheel drive specific handling (comes in 4WD too)

4WD like on the Subaru is of course an advantage in the snow, though a bmw with RWD on snow tyres is doable if you're used to it

the cars you mention are miles apart on how they drive, can you do a few test drives? would clarify a lot for you i think

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