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PS failed, main dealer installed BBA-Rem recon, keys coded,NATS lite on but immobilser fine & everything working ok

05-13-2014, 11:31 AM

My wife's 2006 1.1 Micra's power steering failed 3 1/2 years ago. We couldn't afford a new Nissan PS column, so fitted a BBA-Reman reconditioned unit for 1/3 the cost. It lasted just over two years but failed again just outside warranty, otherwise no problems.

Still in the same finacial situation we put in another BBA Reman PS unit, which now came with unlimited lifetime warranty. However in the past 6 months every new BBA unit fails. Either the unit didn't work immediately, or stopped working after a few weeks. We've replaced 4 units!

The 4th just went in today, and as usual we got both keys coded. However the NATS light is on. The immobilizer is working fine from the keys. The PS light isn't on (it has been after 2 previous replacements). This would be an instant MOT fail, even with the unit working.

The main dealer said there is nothing he can do, only a new Nissan unit will clear this issue. meanwhile the new Nissan PS colum has gone up in prove 500 to almost 2500 in Ireland!

My wife was actually driving for two months with PS after the last unit failed. BBA don't cover the full labour cost of replacement, and we knew there was a MOT due later, which is why it was changed this week.

MOT (in Ireland so it's NCT) is booked for next week. Everything is functional but with the NATS light on, even though everything is actually working (for now) there's a 50/50 chance of failing or passing. depending probably on the person testing. (I've asked at the testing centre, and two different testers gave two opposing answers).

So NOT wishing to circumvent NATS, the dealer (who's by now feeling really sorry for us after changing out 4 units for us) suggested it is possible to disable the dashboard NATS light (but not the actual system). I've done some searching but no-one I've found has a similar problem who is just looking to disable the indicator light.

Can anyone assist or point me in any direction. I am not a car person but willing to use a screwdriver/pliers and follow any directions.

Thanks for reading!

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