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1991 Dodge Stealth R/T Sale Rebuild Engine

03-05-2014, 09:07 PM
I just lost my house to a fire. I never in my life planned on selling my stealth for she is my baby. Life has had its own plan for me and I have come to the decision to sell my stealth. I put a rebuilt engine in it 5 years ago and it has about 8000 miles on it. The engine is perfect and removes the lifter tick and it is a really great engine. That is the best part of the car, I lost the MAF to the house fire. I may have a box of spare parts. The car was running 2 years ago until I changed the IAC, since then I haven't been able to get it to run right and it has sat the past two years. I no longer have the time or the heart to take care of this care.

If you have the time and a little TLC you really can turn this car around.

If your looking for a clean engine to make your baby almost have a brand new engine then this is an idea as well.

I am asking for $2000 for the stealth. There is also a set of 17" aftermarket rims and 3 of them have brand new wheels on them. If anyone was interested you can contact me through email at mydownfall00@gmail.com or 5703171550.

I just lost my house to a fire so bare with me if I posted in a bad spot. I just am trying to find stealth owners because they know the heart behind the car.

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