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MCM 02 media processor for its next generation 360degree intelligent

02-16-2014, 01:07 AM
02 media processor for its next generation 360degree intelligent IP surveillance cameras 3DLABS Semiconductor, a fabless semiconductor company A fabless semiconductor company specializes in the design and sale of hardware devices implemented on semiconductor chips. It achieves an advantage by outsourcing the fabrication of the devices to a specialized semiconductor manufacturer called a semiconductor foundry or "fab. , today announces that Grandeye Ltd.,MCM (http://www.imagesdemines.com/MCMonline.html), the market and technology leader inDMS 02 multimedia processor in its latest high specification Halocam Compact IP camera range. The DMS 02's unique performance capability enables Grandeye to manage all the camera's intensive graphics processing See graphics pipeline and DeBabelizer. requirements on a single chip. The resulting cost reduction has enabled Grandeye to extend its product's appeal into new markets, with the potential to significantly increase its customer base. By using the DMS 02 Grandeye has also been able to reduce the Halocam Compact's power consumption over the previously announced Halocam Pro analog range by a factor of four. Grandeye launched the new Halocam Compact IP series at IFSEC, 21 24 May 2007. 1. All imageSet of computational techniques for analyzing, enhancing, compressing, and reconstructing images. Its main components are importing, in which an image is captured through scanning or digital photography; analysis and manipulation of the image, accomplished is conducted on the camera using the DMS 02 processor. The

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