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How many miles on your Saturn Ion?

02-09-2014, 12:34 PM
I've got 179,xxx miles on my 2007 Saturn Ion 2.2 Ecotec/5spd hwy commuter car. So far all I've had to do besides tires and oil changes are new front rotors and pads, spark plugs, change coolant, serpentine belt and fuel filter. GM dealer replaced my fuel pump module at 134,xxx miles but it was covered under a warranty/recall issue. So far I've spent less than $500 on maintenance related costs not including the tires and oil changes.

Does any think a timing chain set and water pump replacement at 200,000 miles would be a good idea if I want to keep the car for lets say another 150,000 miles. I'm going to change the front struts and rear shocks this spring.:licka:

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