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Replacing the power steering rack

01-29-2014, 10:08 PM
1. Coupler to increase, and the red circle leads to power steering computer
Because it is the wiring, in order to remove it,
I remove the pipe toward the turbine from air cleaner BOX.
2. It comes off easily with two places red arrow.
If you remove the coupler, remove the tie rod end.
3. While it is good to remove it with a hammer etc.,
We will use the joint puller as much as possible out!
There is a thing that a long time ago, it was bent too much luck
Next connect the steering shaft and steering rack
I disconnect the fixing bolts of the joint part.
4. It may cause abnormal noise, rattling of this part also wear, and deterioration.
Then, to remove the bolts that secure the power steering rack
Because of the way and remove the reinforcement bar of genuine image.
5. ※ oil has blurred, but please do not mind
I will fix something in passing ....

Before unloading a power steering rack,
Disconnect the oil by removing the oil line.
6. With four bolts power steering rack itself
They are fixed to the members.
7. When unloading, oil are left in the rack
Please be careful!
After tedious and spilled (sweat)

Old and new power steering rack (↓)

Please View Image Step by step.

Installing the new rack is basically the reverse of the removal is
when you install the oil line
debris is being careful not to install it
if you do not chew, and even pebbles.

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