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Should I replace the fuel pump?

01-15-2014, 10:35 AM
170K mi
2003 leSabre
Never run low on fuel.
Always fuel from quality stations.

My sender needs replacing. I have the potentiometer portion and a new seal.

I've been putting off replacing because I dread messing with the snapon
fuel lines and getting the cap off. But it's time.

Do I replace the whole pump instead of just the sender? Or keep it
until it gives signs of problems? I did have a pressure gauge on the pump
last summer and it was perfect on the pressures while checking the fuel
pressure regulator.

01-15-2014, 10:42 AM
While out at that mileage i would do the pump, I did the samething on my 03 le sabre at 125k.

Tech II
01-15-2014, 05:02 PM
Do you feel lucky?

If you plan on keeping the vehicle for awhile, I agree with Max....replace the pump and not have to do it again....and eliminate a no start or break down....

The good part is, it's accessible though the trunk.....when doing this, because of fumes, have a standup fan blowing fresh air into the trunk....

Remove the 7mm screws that hold the cover down.....start the car....while it is running, pull the fuel pump fuse.......this will cause the car to stall, and lower the fuel pressure.....squeeze the ears on the plastic retainers to the lines and pull the lines off......have rags ready to dab what comes out of the lines.....disconnect the harnesses to the module and the pressure sensor......then remove the module retaining ring....a brass drift and hammer works ok( there is also a special tool for this)......sometimes that ring can be hard to remove and you may have to spray penetrant on the ring.....remove the ring, then pull the module up.....you will have to tilt it slightly, to clear the float......good luck....

If the new module does not come with the level sender attached, make sure you hook everything up correctly(harness-wise) before putting it into the tank.....only goes in one way......there is a notch that you line up....

01-18-2014, 08:17 PM
2000 Lesabre 132k miles/ pump from rock auto,,, Delphi 127 dollars
My gauge has been off for a year and finally replaced the entire pump.
This is almost funny because I just came in the house after replacing my pump asm. Its cold out today so I heated the garage then had to shut off the heater when I got the ring loose. Still got cold.
I removed the fuel connection at the Engine so this will release the pressure. Im not so sure about pulling the fuse idea cause it might cause a fault code in the computer.
I rented a fuel pump removal tool from autozone, you buy it then return it for full refund. That connection ring was really tight even with a breaker bar on the tool, the tool did not fit like the gm tool and have to push down really hard to keep the tool engaged on the connection ring. Was tough getting the ring fully installed. I had to put a bottle jack on top of the tool and jacked up to where it hits to shelf, basically this put downward pressure on the tool and allowed me to torque the ring in place.
I put grease over all the rusted steel on the top of the tank, hopefully rust will stop, also I always use silicone grease on orings so i put some on the tank seal, also put some on a clean stick and put some on the orings inside the fuel connection, these sometimes leak and silicone can help stop this.
All done car started fuel gage looks ok.

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