Smalled engine durable rally car.

01-02-2014, 03:16 PM
So first off im new in here so sorry for posting in the wrong sub forum if i have done that, couldnt figure out where to put it.

So here is my "problem" i became kinda drunk new years eve and agreed with my friend that we off course have to go on the mongolian rally next year, (we are generally good at making our real stupid ideas come true) Only problem, both me and my friend now about [I]yay[I] much about engines and cars in generel.

So before contiuing - the mongol rally is a 10 k miles trip from the UK throgh asia and up into russia and yir you guessed it, mongolia. - through out the rally participants have to raise at least 1000 $ for some charity porpuse, and oh yiir, the car must of course be 1000 cc or smaller to save the enverioment, and make it all a little harder.

So to sum up, i am in the need of a car that can be relativly easy fixed on the go (preferebly with some doucht tape and a tin can) And eventually it would be nice if it was relativly easy to modify the car as well (thinking that adding a towing wire in the front wouldnt be all that stupid)

We where talking about going with a Wv1 beetle or an mini cooper 850. both becouse of the engines but also becouse they should have relativly easy engine concepts so that we might be a little confrontable with them in a year and half.
Or would people sugest starting from scratch with a 1000 cc motor and make some kind of street leagal buggie?

Really hoping to get som constructive critizism of our ideas as well as some good different inputs. (:

Regards Kail

01-02-2014, 03:18 PM
Also we are alowed to go on a 125 cc bike. Witch we also have been talking about, any sugestions on that part ?

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