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2005 Buick Rainier Front Windshield Wipers

09-09-2013, 11:06 AM

Hope someone can help me.... My front windshield wipers will not turn off! I tried pulling the fuse and they still won't shut off; they continuously wipe the windshield in the intermittent mode. I think it's some type of switch/electrical problem???? Please help! PS.. just paid the dealer almost 2500 to fix another issue... :runaround: any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Tech II
09-09-2013, 06:39 PM
You turn it to off, and it still runs on one of the intermittant speeds? If you turn it to hi, does it do hi mode? If you turn it to the other speeds, do those speeds work? You must have pulled the wrong fuse.....it's the FRT WPR fuse in the rear fuse block....



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