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99 explorer stuff

08-11-2013, 11:53 AM
just bought wife a 99 explorer v8 5.0 98,000 miles Eddie Bauer.(why, I don't know). I am having a few issues with it.

1, it has an exhaust leak, I know this model had problems. how to fix it and can I do it or does it need to be done professional ?

2,the rear window wiper used to work, then it stopped, is this a relay issue or motor?

3,where is the PCV valve?

otherwise the van is great and runs great too...

08-14-2013, 07:05 PM

08-15-2013, 07:54 AM
Sorry, but you didn't really leave anyone much to comment on. I had a 2000 Mountaineer with the V8 and never had an exhaust leak, nor am I aware of a common issue with the exhaust. The exhaust runs from the front of the truck to the rear, a lot of opportunities for leaks. You don't mention where the leak seems to be coming from, so not much to go on. Are you suspecting a broken exhaust manifold stud? If so, have you looked to see what you can find? If the stud backed out and all you need to do is install a new one and torque it down, you might be able to do that on your own. If the stud is broken, you might be able to do that on your own. If the manifold is warped, you probably won't be able to completely fix it on your own. If the leak is elsewhere, then the solution will be something different. Please provide the forum with enough information to provide help.

For the rear wiper, have you done any diagnostics? Do you have power to the wiper? Have you checked fuses? If no power and the fuse is good, it might be a relay issue. If you have power to the motor, then it's probably a wiper motor. Again, I'm not aware that one issue is more common than the other on this generation of Explorer.

None of us have a crystal ball so trying to guess among all the various possible issues with any confidence via the Internet is going to be difficult.

As for the PCV, the crankcase ventilation appears to be built in to the oil fill tube. You should find a hose connecting the oil fill tube to the top of the intake manifold behind the throttle body. There doesn't appear to be a PCV valve per se. This is according to what I can find in the factory service manual. I no longer have my Mountaineer to go peek at.


08-15-2013, 11:17 AM
I don't remember which rear wiper the 99 has. Is the motor mounted to the window or is it mounted on the door and just the wiper arm goes through the glass and matches up to it. If it is the later, open the glass and turn on the wiper to see if the motor works without engaging the arm. Then try moving the arm from the outside with the window open enough to not engage the motor. The grease they used for that arm turns solid after time and the arm will no longer move freely. It has to be taken apart, cleaned, regreased and reassembled. If that isn't the problem, follow Rods advise.

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