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Catz HIDs & HID Plus!!!!

06-09-2003, 01:22 AM
Hi guys, I have several H1s (low beam) & HB3s (hi beam) left for the for the Gs......so post here or email me if you're interested. Catz HIDs are made from Japan while HID Plus is from Germany. Both kits are plug'n & plays, so they're pretty easy to install........given you have minor understanding of wiring. I do accept Paypal.........shipping will cost approximately $10-$15 depending on the shipping location.

1) Rising White - 4300k - $459 + shipping / list: $588 + shipping
2) Aqua White - 5100k - $499 + shipping / list: $639 + shipping
3) Galaxy White - 6000k - $590 + shipping / list: $688 + shipping

1) Crystal Blue (6000k) - $469 + shipping / list: $589 + shipping
2) Violet Hue (7500k) - $479 + shipping / list: $599 + shipping

I could get Raybrig HIDs also if anyone's interested.

I have pics of my cars with the HID Plus lights here:

http://spydermagazine.com/files/hellag35off.jpg (this one's w/ the stock HID on...........yes, I have two sets of HIDs on my G35.........insanely bright!)

I also have HIDs from these two companies for other applications. Post here or email me if interested or for general questions. Thank you.


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