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Here is a challange

07-07-2013, 01:54 PM
Hello everyone.

I am having transmission problems with an 02 explorer 5r55w that had a bad solenoid A that cause shifting problems; intermittent O/D flashing; and unable to turn O/D on and off. We had purchased a used solenoid pack that seemed to test out fine through ohm resistant setting and a direct power test from the battery; all solenoids tested fine.

We also removed the valve body and looked for tears in the gasket; all looks good. The valve body was re installed and along with the new "used" solenoid pack.

Now, the vehicle goes into reverse on all gears. It sounds like the vehicle attempts to go into drive and then is abruptly is thrown into reverse.

These are the suggestions I have heard from a few people;

1. Check that the valve body gaskets do not go in between the solenoid pack and plate.

2. Check the and adjust the linkage

3. The manual valve was not indexed back in the manual shaft pin

I pretty much understand how to do number 1. But how do I go about checking a resolving the last two? And are there any other suggestions?

Thank you for your time and help in reading this post.


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