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2012 Electrical Help Needed.

05-14-2013, 01:50 AM
Was trying to get a LED beacon wired in and thought we could get the switch into the dome light power up front. Not enough power to make it work. Then tapped into power to the center console/armrest power port. Now have no power to the center power port and the 2nd and third row dome lights don't work. Can't find a fuse that is blown unless I am missing it. Any ideas?

05-14-2013, 07:51 AM
How much current does that LED beacon light draw!?! Something must be wrong with that light if it is popping 20A fuses.

My 2012 service manual does not list the Explorer, but the 2011 does. Hoping that the 2011 diagram is applicable as well to your 2012, there are 4 power ports in the truck, 1) in the instrument panel, 2) in the console front, 3) in the console rear, and 4) in the 3rd row. According to the diagram, the fuses for all 4 of these are in the Battery Junction Box, and all 4 fuses are 20A.

1) Fuse F20
2) Fuse F27
3) Fuse F9
4) Fuse F21

The interior lights are powered via fuse F4 (10A) located within the Body Control Module. This fuse provides power to the battery saver relay. When closed, the battery saver relay provides power to the interior overhead lights, the vanity lights for the sun visor mirrors, the glove box light, and something called the left and right side rail lamps.


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