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Ignition Cyclinder Lock

04-28-2013, 05:27 PM
For years, my 97 has a problem with the ignition cylinder. When I take the key out, it still dings like I left the key in. I have to jiggle the cylinder and it stops.

If I remember right, this is a problem with this year Lesabre. I think one of the wires starts to come off or something like that.

My battery drained over the last couple days of sitting. It would almost turn over before it stopped with a low battery.

Can the cylinder problem cause a little drain on the battery? The ding is only for a key left in, not that it's on. I was thinking if not, maybe the ding, ding, ding came on after sitting and taxed it to much.

I noticed today after we got it jump started it didn't ding with the key in it with the door open. Only remember the other way so this means it's getting worse.

If the known problem is the wire on the ignition cylinder, could I take it apart and fix the wire in stead of buying a new cylinder?

Can someone tell me all they know about the key cylinder in these? What are the issues?

I had to do the resister in the wire going from the cylinder years a go.

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