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A/C Console not working

04-10-2013, 09:05 AM
2003 G35

Occasionally the A/C console will stop working. The first time it happened, I removed the radio/AC controls from the dash, poked around a bit, pulled the power on that whole unit and put everything back together without really fixing anything and it worked again. A few months later, the A/C console stopped working again, and I ran through the routine again. And I've done that one more time. My question now is, is there some sweet spot anyone is aware of that may be causing this behavior? Obviously I'm setting something right when I take the console out and put it back, but it's not a permanent fix. The console will usually go out again if the dash gets bumped or if a door is closed too hard. Some sort of jarring behavior like that.

To be more specific on the symptoms, I can see the status of the A/C unit (temp, fan speed, etc), but none of the controls will work to change the settings, and the A/C just doesn't blow. Also, the radio doesn't work from the console controls, but it will work from the steering wheel controls.

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