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Mods i made to my 2002 SantaFe 2.7 litre

01-15-2013, 03:22 PM
1. I disconnected the annoying bell that sounds when the doors are opened.
2. I swapped out the noisy LongTrail BFG TIres that came with it and put on Michelin All season tires upping the size from 225 factory to 245 ; handles alot better now too.
3. Installed a mechanical remote bulb thermostat to bring on the radiator cooling fan sooner than the factory computer setting ; the remote bulb is in the radiator inlet hose and set at 185 f. on / 182 f. off . Keeps the engine cooler . I also added an override toggle switch in the cab which will bring on the radiator cooling fan when using the a/c in heavy traffic for better cooling effectiveness from the a/c and in case the mechanical thermostat fails.
4. I added some foil backed 1/2" thick insulation matting above the sliding door for the sunroof which keeps more heat out in the summer time when i close the sunroof. It reflects the suns light real well.
5. In cold outdoor temps when you first start the car, it idled at a high 1900 rpms ...not good when its 0 f. outside and the oil is thick. SO, i found the little device in the engine compartment that controls the idle speed (idle speed solenoid valve) and there are two holes in it once removed ; Out of sheetmetal, i made a small plate the exact footprint size of the device and cut two new smaller holes into the plate..then glued it back in place over the factory holes. This cut down on the airflow flowing thru the device, and now idles at 1100 rpms when very cold outside and i picked up another 1 mile per gallon of gasoline too boot.
6. I added seal around the entire a/c condensor which had large gaps short circuiting the airflow . Now ALL air goes thru the condensor ...and more of it too. Makes the a/c work better.

Isnt modding fun ?!

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